Salts 101



The amount of salt you consume in your diet can have a significant impact on your health but not all salts are created equal. This is a very powerful and underrated chemical and hopefully you appreciate salt a bit more after this post. This book definitely impacted and showed me the importance of salt. Currently, there are different salts out there and determining which salt to use and its benefits can be helpful when it comes time to incorporating it in your meals. Here is a small guide on the salts.

Table Salt: Another common name to this type of salt is iodized salt. This is perhaps the most commonly used salt and it’s one of the more processed salts out there. The reason for this is because like other salts, iodine, is added to this salt. If this particular salt is taken in large doses can be very detrimental to your health. So incorporate this salt into your diet in minimal amounts.

Kosher Salt: This is another commonly used salt that is another alternative to table salt. This is salt is commonly sold in a larger grain size but it does not include iodine like table salt. This salt offers great flexibility and is often used as ordinary salt or to cure meats.

Sea Salt: As the name implies, this salt gets its name from being evaporated from the sea. This salt is available both in coarse or fine grain and can be used for just about every meal. In comparison to table salt, this salt offers more minerals as it tends to be unrefined therefore making it a better choice than just plain table salt.

Rock Salt: Any salt that has been mined from salt deposits is coined as rock salt. This salt is sold in large quantities and can be found at your local hardware stores. This salt is often used in to dissolve ice during the winter. sea-salts

Himalayan Salt: This salt is often seen as a pink salt due to the iron oxide it contains and can be used for any type of dishes. It also is used as a bath salt. This salt tends to have more texture than most salts and often comes in a coarse grain.

Colored Salts: There are a variety of salts that have different colors that include red, black, blue, and grey salt. These salts get their respective color from other elements contained within each salt. These have a diverse origin that range from Hawaiian islands to parts of India. These salts very in flavor and can be used for different dishes including salads

I have briefly given a description about the most common salts out there. There are other salts such as smoked salt, flavored salts, fluer de sel, and flake salt that I didn’t mention that are also widely used in different parts of the world.  Faeries finest provides great additional information on other widely used salts. Each salt adds something different and can be used for different purposes. Do you have a preference in the salt you use? Feel free to leave your comments below. 

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