Supplements are Complements to your Food


Itumblr_l6b37l3Q6E1qa5a9kn a fast paced society, like today it can be difficult to do many things like finding a good place to eat without having to sacrifice your diet. What can be even harder to find is the right supplements that can complement your food. I will share with you the questions that I asked and that you should also ask about every supplement before you buy and begin to use them.

So before I list the questions that I asked when I did my supplement research I think its appropriate for me to share why you should take supplements of some kind and why I decided to take supplements.

So why should you care about taking supplements? Well for starters, the food that you are eating everyday does not contain as many of the nutrients they once did. This is due to our food containing more pesticides than ever before, the soil not containing as many nutrients as it SupplementPillonce did, and the cooking method can also release many of the nutrients within our foods. These are all different factors that affect the quality of our food today. Secondly, do you really eat all your vegetable and fruit servings per day? I would find it hard to believe if I were to walk up and down a random street in America and find an individual that has had all their fruit and vegetable servings for the past day let alone a week. Supplements just help fill in the blank on lost or missing nutrients that our bodies need.

Personally, the reason I decided to take supplements was when I heard that the United States and Mexico were “the two fattest countries” back in 2013. This statement definitely peaked my interest, as I have lived in the United States my entire life but my ethnicity is that of Latino with Mexican-American parents. Reading that statement had a profound impact on me, that I began to research ways so I would not become part of that obesity statistic. In doing that research, I came across supplements and that turned into a research project in itself. I now share with you the due diligence I did by giving you a starting point on the questions to ask.

I found these set of questions to be helpful in determining and filtering what supplement was right for me. Please keep in mind the supplements that worked for me might not be the best supplement for you based on previous medical conditions, physical activity, fitness goals, and other life style factor. Here are the 5 questions, I started my research with. Are-supplements-necessary-226x300

1. What is the best form to take this supplement? Pill, powder, or in liquid form?

2. Where is the supplement manufactured in?

3. Do I really need this supplement? If so, what are the benefits to the supplement?

4. What are some of the best brands out there for each supplement?

5. Are there any side effects or consequences to taking this supplement?

At minimum, I highly recommend you ask these questions about every supplement you might take. These questions should serve as a guide in selecting the right supplement for you. Although, I didn’t mention price as a question that I was concerned with, I didn’t believe back then and I don’t believe now that price should be a factor in why you decide you should or shouldn’t take a particular supplement. The way I look at my health is that I would much rather make tiny investments in my body for the rest of my life instead of making a last-minute effort to fight for my life when it might be too late. What supplements are you currently taking? Would you recommend that supplement you are taking? 

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2 thoughts on “Supplements are Complements to your Food

  1. Juan J. Lara March 29, 2015 / 9:35 pm

    I agree Tom that real food is still a better a way of getting the right supplementation but there are clear deficiencies in our food today and supplements help close the gap in these deficient areas. Its also great that you mentioned that not all supplements are created the same because that was something that I discovered when researching the right supplements for myself.


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