How to Breakfast Right!



Muffins, eggs, and orange juice. What do all of these foods have in common? One word: breakfast! In my last blog post, I discussed how eating breakfast can literally be saving your life. I also mentioned that I would be offering simple tips on how to incorporate this important meal into your everyday life. Keep in mind these tips I am about to share are simply the habits that I have created for myself. They have worked great for me and my morning routine and hopefully they work for you as well.

1. Always start your morning with a glass of water. It’s important because you have to think about the last time you drank something. Most of the time this occurred the night before and chances are it wasn’t water to begin with. Not only is your body dehydrated and craving some water but a glass of water can help determine how much you eat for breakfast. I discuss this later in tips 3 and 4.

2. Eat the foods that you like to eat during this meal. Yes, this includes eating the bad food too. The reason I say to eat anything is because you have to get yourself accustomed to eating this early in the morning. This is especially important for those who don’t eat anything until their mid morning snack or by lunch and by then its too late. Eventually, you will  filter out the unhealthier foods out of your breakfast meal but this shouldn’t be done in the first step. Otherwise, you still might dread breakfast the way you dread going to the dentist.

3. I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not start with the correct portion size for your breakfast? I know that you’re probably thinking Juan, you just said in the previous tip  that I could eat anything. That is very true, I did say that you could eat any food but I didn’t say to eat unlimited portions of the food you’re about to eat. After all, we don’t have bottomless pit as stomachs. This might be the hardest part for some individuals like it was for me but when you have control of your portions during breakfast you will have control of every other meal for the rest of your day because you set the tone with your first meal. This leads to my next point.breakfast-buffet

4. It’s called BreakFAST not BreakFEAST. I alluded to this in the previous tip but most of us have an image of a sit-down breakfast meal like you would find at any restaurant. There isn’t anything wrong with that but this isn’t realistic to think you will always have that kind of meal in the morning. Breakfast is meant to give you the proper nutrition to get you ready for your upcoming day and not bloat you up and make you feel so full that you want to go back to bed.

488175_282682185173793_1460523613_n 5.  Take the time to shop around for your favorite fruits at your local grocery store. This is my favorite time of day to eat fruits because they are not heavy foods and won’t upset your stomach. Plus each fruit has its own unique perks and reasons for why you should be eating them. Personally, for me this was when I discovered how much I actually loved fruit.  If you’re serious about breakfast, I dare you to try to eat a different fruit a day. It sounds hard to do but its quite fun and entertaining way of eating your fruit because each day can be different. After trying this a few times you will get a great sense of what fruit preference you have. And if you ever get bored of a specific fruit you are always free to make a change for a new fruit.

 6. Another key reason why fruits are important is because they are also a great way to make smoothies and shakes. There are some key differences between frozen and fresh fruit but the the biggest takeaway is that you’re having breakfast on the go. I highly recommend this for everyone to try because this is something you can prepare the night before and still have it taste amazingly fresh.

7. The last tip I can give is to simply imagine of all of the different food options you can have for breakfast. With eggs alone you can have them scrambled (my preference), eggs over easy, sunny side up, hard boiled, or perhaps in an omelet. Now toss that in with your favorite fruit and a small glass of your favorite milk or juice and you’re off to the races to a great breakfast.

Now you have some tips on how to enjoy breakfast daily. You don’ have an excuse on why you can’t make time to enjoy this meal. Trust me, I have definitely skipped some breakfasts myself but I pride myself on eating this meal daily because you don’t know when you will be free in your day to eat again. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or post any questions or comments you may have. 

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