Not Having Breakfast is Slowly Killing You


What do you think is the most important meal of the day is? Is it breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Or perhaps you think its brunch or linner (lunch+dinner)? Well if you hardcore bruncher or prefer a linner you will have a hard time finding anyone in the health community that will consider these as actual meals let alone believe they are the most important meal of the day. But if you guessed either lunch or dinner as the most important meal of the day you’re not necessarily wrong but most doctors, nutritionists, and health experts wouldn’t agree with you. Personally, I have always believed dinner was the most important meal of the day but this has changed. I have completely shifted this belief and now I believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so should you.

Lets face it, you probably don’t eat breakfast the majority of the time because you’re not a “morning person”, always wake up late, don’t want to cook in the morning, or are always on the go. Well none of these excuses should be the limiting factor for not having a daily breakfast. I use to struggle with this meal as it would always allude me but here are three reasons why you should incorporate breakfast with your daily morning routine.

1. Your overall health is improved. Don’t take my word for it read what a 16 year Harvard study found. If someone told you that to prevent certain diseases all you had to do was eat breakfast how sweet would that deal be. Would you walk away from that kind of offer? Well that is literally what most people do. And what they found in this study might shock you in way that can impact and might change your morning patterns.Why-You-Shouldnt-Skip-Breakfast-Breakfast-Ideas

2. Everyday will be a good morning because you will have more energy in the morning. All this due to having some breakfast. Instead of being a lethargic night owl simply enjoying a breakfast meal can shape you into a morning bird.  As a result you are more awake and alert than your peers and won’t need to grab that morning coffee to get you going every day.

3. Your memory improves. You don’t want to be a middle aged man or women having a severe case of senior moments. The mighty breakfast meal can help improve this area. This is just what the Journal of Adolescent Health found in its study.

Don’t be so quick to say no to the best meal of the day. It can not only jump start your day but it can be the meal that puts your health in a better standing for the rest of your life. Don’t be one of those individuals that is slowly committing suicide by saying no breakfast. In my next blog I’ll discuss some steps to making the transition into eating a breakfast meal a daily habit. So what’s your favorite breakfast food? 

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