Fresh, Frozen, Canned, or Dehydrated Fruit and Vegetables?

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Ever wonder how you prefer your fruits and vegetables? Fresh, frozen, canned, or dehydrated? I understand if this doesn’t keep you up late at night I wouldn’t blame you. But I challenge you to try your fruit and vegetables of your choice in each of these different packaging methods and see what your preference is. For the purpose of this blog I need to state the different criteria between each category so there isn’t any confusion of between each packaging material. Some may disagree with the criteria I set forth for each category but I’m always open for suggestions.

I consider a fruit or vegetable to be fresh when it isn’t sealed in plastic wrap like you would find with dehydrated fruit. In simple terms, I consider a fruit or vegetable to be fresh if you are able take a bite of it if you were to pick up the fruit or veggie. However, I wouldn’t recommend you try this with a fresh onion though.

151572910Now what I consider to be a frozen fruit/vegetable is that it is meant to be stored in the freezer. If you were to take a bite of any frozen fruit or vegetable you could probably taste the fruit/vegetable but probably not after hurting your own teeth in the process of doing so. Canned food is simple to explain. If it is stored in an aluminum/tin like container its considered as a canned fruit/vegetable in my book. Lastly, the criteria for dehydrated fruit and vegetables is the same as frozen fruit and vegetables only they resemble the same appearance as beef jerky. So now that we’ve established the criteria for each category now comes the fun part? Why should you care about how your fruit and vegetables are packaged in?

You should care about the difference between each packaging material because of five main reasons.

  1. First and foremost they aren’t all priced the same. If you didn’t notice before you might notice this especially if your pinching your pennies.
  2. Secondly, they don’t all taste the same because of the way they are packaged regardless of the what anyone might say. This is something I recently have done and there is no better way to determine this for yourself than accepting my challenge and trying your fruit or vegetable of choice in each of these different packaging methods to see for yourself if there is a considerable difference.
  3. The amount of nutrients between each packaging method  vary. This is a topic of heavy debate. I will simply say there are differences in each method but how big these differences are between each packaging type just depends on who or what you personally believe.
  4. The amount of “chemicals” and preservatives varies from each packaging method. Don’t believe me just take a look at the chemicals used between frozen pineapples and canned pineapples. I bet you will spot some differences.
  5. Each packaging method has its own pros an cons which is something I will discuss next.

Fresh Fruit/Vegetables


  • It simply tastes fresh. It just feels like it has arrived from the farm and straight to your shopping cart
  • Easy to detect if your fruit or vegetable is spoiled, rotten, or has any damage
  • Easy to pick your own fruit or vegetable


Frozen Fruit/Vegetablesfrozen_fruit_by_m_e_z_z


  • Can be preserved for much longer periods than fresh fruit/vegetables
  • Contain high amounts of nutrients and antioxidants
  • Tastes comparable to fresh fruit/vegetables
  • Can be cheaper than fresh fruit/vegetables


Canned Fruit/Vegetables



  • Contain high amounts of salt
  • Contain high amounts of preservatives

Dehydrated Fruit/Vegetables


  • Long shelf life
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Taste is different and provides its own unique flavor



  • Dehydration process causes the nutritional value to suffer
  • Not as aesthetically appealing as other packaging methods
  • Price can vary of the fruit that is dehydrated and the amount of preservatives that are used to maintain freshness.

Personally, if I had to rank what the type of packaging material I prefer I would select fresh fruit/vegetables, followed by frozen fruit/vegetables,  then dehydrated fruit, and canned fruit would be ranked last. So what is the preference you have for your fruits and vegetables?  Let me know what you think below.

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