The Power of Grocery Lists


Are you one of those individuals that lives off of Top Ramen or worships the microwave because of its ability to give you instant meals? Or perhaps you are a buy as you need person? Meaning you only go to the store to buy a couple of items instead of getting everything at once. Well you don’t have to be because creating a grocery list can be your best friend when it comes to grocery shopping.

Now before you start thinking that grocery lists are pointless and a waste of time let me give you 6 reasons why they should be a incorporated in your life.

1. Creating a grocery list makes you stop and think about what food you currently have in your fridge and cupboards. This gives you an idea of what food you don’t need to buy. This is as equally important because it prevents you from buying another jar of pickles that you forgot you had in your cupboards.

2. A grocery list makes you think about the food you will be eating for the upcoming week. imageUltimately the food you write down on your list will help determine what you buy. In a way a grocery list is a planning technique to accommodate your meals around your lifestyle not the other way around.

3. A grocery list magnifies your favorite foods. By this I mean it will show you the type of food you consistently eat whether its junk food, microwavable food, or fresh food. This is important because it helps you eat less crap and more food.

4. A grocery list helps you plan where your shopping will take place and whether the food selection they have will accommodate the items you have written down.

5. A grocery list prevents you from overspending on snacks which in the long run will help your health. Plus it helps you recognize when you have overspent on unnecessary items.

6. A grocery list also serves as a reminder so you don’t forget items for a particular meal. Even when making a salad you would be upset if you forgot the dressing.

So next time you go to the grocery store think about whether its in your budget and whether that box of goodies is something you truly need. Help spread this power of the grocery lists and share this with your friends and family. Do you personally use a grocery list or some other method to keep stay on track at the grocery store? Leave your comment below. 

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