Hand Guide to Proper Portions

Portion sizes hands

Are you currently carrying excess weight? If the answer is no, Congrats!!! You are on top of your game and keep doing what you’re doing because it is working. If you fall in this category then you are in the 31% minority of adults 20 years or older who are not overweight or obese currently in the United States.  If you answered no to this question it is okay but it’s not okay.

It’s okay because you are like 69% of American’s who are overweight and that includes obese individuals so you shouldn’t feel like you’re the only one who is overweight. However, it’s not okay because somehow being overweight is the new normal. It doesn’t have to be this way thought. It’s a matter of the choices we make. One of these choices is selecting the right portions for each meal.

So how exactly do you select the right portions? Well some folks like to count the amount of calories for each meal while other individuals like to measure their serving sizes beforehand with scales and measuring cups. Personally, I don’t like either method because they involve too calories_counter_21747_1_1_730many variables and too much work. But both of these methods either require some pen and paper to right down my calories for my meal (or perhaps I use my phone to track this) or I treat myself like a robot and measure the exact amounts with measuring cups and measuring spoons. See why I don’t like these methods?

Although some individuals prefer either of these methods personally I was unable to sustain either method for more than two weeks. The most useful portion control method I have found is using my bare hands as my guide to the right portions. Not only is it the simplest method but I don’t need any other tools or devices to help me track my portion sizes during meals. I can also feel like I am in control of my own portions without feeling like I am a machine that needs a specific type or amount of food to function properly. Oh and did I mention your two hands will always be available at your disposal. So here is how to use your own two hands as the perfect way to control your food portions for each meal. 

  • The palms of your hand are equal to the amount of protein you should have with each meal (Depending on your personal fitness goals 2 palms should be a good portion for men and one palm for women)
  • Your fist size will consists of the amount of vegetables that should be consumed with your meal. (Again two fists worth for men and one for women)
  • Your cupped hands are the amounts designated for carb dense foods such as rice or pasta (Two cupped hands for men and one for women)
  • The full length of your thumbs should be for items such as peanut butter or hard cheese.
  • And as a rule of thumb, use your thumb tips for referencing the amounts of high fat foods such as cooking oils, butter, or nuts for a meal.

What other portion control method have you tried? Leave a comment below or follow me on twitter. 

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