Which Body Type Are You?

As a guy I have often heard women describe themselves in different body shapes, figures, and types and I have remained clueless on what these terms mean. What really is the difference between a pear shape and an hourglass body type? I always wondered if these shapes and types were applicable to men. Well I discovered that men just like women have different body shapes as well.

Body Type

You might be wondering what the significance of knowing what your body shape is and the importance it has on the way you exercise. Let me put it to you this way. Do you personally know what your blood type is? If you do great! Go ahead and celebrate if you must. If you don’t know your blood type I am sure not knowing this piece of information about yourself isn’t going to harm you in anyway. If you’re like me you probably don’t know your blood type but are curious to find out. This same analogy applies to body shapes. Do you know what your body shape is? Unlike not knowing my blood type I am, I do know my body type. Knowing this piece of information can be valuable for anyone creating a training and diet plan. Below I describe each of the three body types.

Ectomorph: The first body type is the ectomorphs. Both male and female ectomorph’s consist of individuals who tend to have smaller and thinner builds. Normally ectomorphs have a harder time gaining weight because of their fast metabolisms. This often results in having a thinner bone structure and having a hard time gaining weight. Depending on what your fitness goals are not being able to gain weight might be a blessing in disguise. This difference in opinion might occur depending on what gender you are. A type of athlete that might fall under this figure to give you a sense of body shape would be marathon runners or soccer players.

Mesomorph: The second body type is the mesomorphs. Mesomorphs tend to have more of an athletic build and a bigger bone structure when compared to ectomorphs. These folks tend to gain both fat and muscle much faster than ectomorphs. If you’re a women, with a mesomorph body type this is a double edge sword because not only can you transform fat into muscle easier but if that isn’t consistent with your fitness goals then you might end up disappointed. This isn’t to say mesomorph women can’t slim down with the help of a proper diet and make big strides in the right direction. Men who have a mesomorph body type tend to see the big gains in muscle mass. When it comes to exercise, a combination of both resistance and cMale_Bodytypesardio programs should be incorporated depending on the fitness goals. Some common mesomorph athlete body types would consist of gymnasts, basketball players, and wrestlers.

Endomorph: The last body type are the endomorphs. These are individuals who genetically are shaped with shorter but stronger builds. Because of their big physique, most endomorphs tend to have a stockier build due to their slow metabolism. These individuals should have a high dosage of cardio incorporated into their training plans as this can help fight off any unwanted weight. Common athlete endomorph body types would consist of football players and rugby players.

By no means is this an end all be all list. These are the three main body types but I personally consider myself as an ecto-mesomorph. Don’t think you must fit into one of these three categories there is definitely gray area between each body type. Daily habits can change and with it your body type can transform in and out of these three body types. So what body type do you think you resemble the most? Leave your response below.

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One thought on “Which Body Type Are You?

  1. Jingky Umawis January 24, 2018 / 4:20 pm

    I think I’m endomorph 😁😁,bit disappointed cos I’m doing exercise 4 or 5 times a week, strength workout and HIIT workout both with dumbell but I didn’t lose fat on my tummy which is the most important part that I want to lose


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