The Importance of H20


The Importance of H20

Ever wonder how much water you actually drink in a day? Or maybe how much water you don’t drink? Maybe just reading this makes you begin to wonder when the last time was that you actually had a drop of pure H20 enter your body. I’m not going to judge because I can relate to any non water drinkers out there.

I know everyone has their liquid vice of choice they prefer to drink whether its tea, coffee, or an energy drink. And like billions of people worldwide I too replaced water with everything else there is to drink besides water for most of my life. Personally, I was a heavy soda drinker. But that all changed a couple of years ago when I became more aware of how much I actually spent on sugary drinks.

For a month’s span, I tracked the amount of money I spent on sugary drinks. During this month, I had spent on $25 in sugary drinks alone! You might think I’m crazy for complaining about such a small amount of money but it really isn’t a small amount. When you consider that I bought about a drink a day not including what I already had at home for the week or what was provided to me through other means. When I discovered how much I was spending monthly on these sugary vices it not only changed my pocketbook but also the way I thought about water. I truly grasped the importance of H20. It was an uncomfortable feeling knowing how much liquid poison I was drinking and spending my money on.

It was around this time that a good friend challenged me to not drink soda for two weeks. I was hesitant at first but I accepted his challenge. I’m glad to say I survived the two week period and have thrived since then. I am not going to say I stopped drinking soda altogether but it has become a non factor in my life now. Since this bet took place, I no longer crave this sugary evil that I once considered a friend during desperate times of need. Some of the things I did during that two week span to help me overcome the constant splurging I had with soda were as followed:

  1. I used the “can have” mentality. Meaning, I thought in terms of what I would allow myself to drink instead of focusing on what I couldn’t drink. Here is an example. I can’t have soda BUT I can have ice tea. This works well for any kind of drink you want to drink less of.
  2. I bought reusable water bottles so I wouldn’t have an excuse to spend money buying water everywhere I went. This helped tremendously because I always surrounded with a water bottle at all times.
  3. I looked up the all of the benefits of drinking water online and let me tell you by the end of my research it was tough to find many cons about drinking more water. Pretty much the pros outweigh the little cons there is about drinking water.
  4. Have fun with your water! Add some fruit or ice to keep it different from time to time.
  5. Know the kind of water you prefer such as tap, mineral, artesian, distilled, spring, or purified. Just be sure not to drink holy water!

So what kind of water type do you prefer?

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