Having Fitness Goals Is Step 1 To a Dream Body


Everyone dreams of having a smokin hot body. Ok maybe not everyone wants a hot body but no one woke up saying they wanted to be unhealthy. What someone might consider as their dream body might differ to someone else’s dream body. But generally speaking most women would like to have a nice tan and some tone legs among other things. For men, this consists of having some washboard abs, huge arms, and being the fittest among your inner circle. But let’s face it; having this dream body seems like a lot of sacrifice to achieve in the first place and even harder to maintain afterwards.

Sacrifice will come with anything in life but creating fitness goals can help remedy some of the growing pains that come with having your dream body. There is a simple 3 step process. The first step in having your dream body is actually identifying what this would look like. It only makes sense to write out what your ideal self would look like because we all have varying opinions on what our “smokin hot body” would look like. This is actually the fun part because you get to dream and imagine what you would like to see yourself as.

Once you have established what your dream body looks like, the second step is actually writing your fitness goals. Most folks simply like to say their goals out loud but unless you write your fitness goals down you don’t have a way of holding yourself accountable. Something I first used was a note card to write down my fitness goals. However, I would run out of space so since then I have moved these goals into a focus wheel. I have seen others use small notepads or detailed fitness sheets to keep track of these goals. The method is simply a matter of preference but the main gist is to write your fitness goals down and not to simply say them out loud.

So how far out in future should these fitness goals be out to? And how detailed should these be? This is the last step in creating fitness goals. Personally, I like to set my fitness goals at different time spans. I categorize my fitness goals into 4 different spans that include: weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual fitness goals. I normally set anywhere from 1-5 fitness goals within each of the categories. The more goals you set for yourself, the more accountable you can expect to hold yourself so beware of how many you set for yourself.

Again these goals have to be consistent with your dream body. Don’t make these goals seem like obstacles because that’s not what they are meant to be. They are intended to help push you and serve as checkpoints along your journey to a new you. This is the way I am currently tracking my fitness goals, how are you tracking your fitness goals?

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